Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling strong identities, secure payments, and protected data. We offer an unmatched breadth of solutions that are critical to the future of secure enterprises, governments, the people they serve, and the data and transactions entrusted to them. With our experts serving customers in more than 150 countries and a network of global partners, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us.

Rethink the way government services are used, managed, protected, and delivered.

Our security and credential issuance portfolio offers digital and physical solutions to help forward-facing governments address today’s key security challenges, deliver on heightened citizen expectations, and realize digital transformation initiatives. This includes:

  • Protecting citizen privacy
  • Issuing secure digital and physical citizen credentials
  • Improving government service delivery
  • Realizing seamless secure borders
  • Modernizing immigration programs
  • Implementing enhanced cybersecurity measures
  • Securing complex border ecosystems
  • Enabling a secure productive workforce

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