Clinq Gold is a Gold backed – Central Bank Digital Currency (GB-CBDC) system founded by Nick Patel with a vision to create a new era of financial empowerment in Africa.  Gold held by central banks is monetized, and digital currency is issued based on the value of that gold. The GB-CBDC is also available for citizens to purchase in their local currencies, strengthening the local economy by shoring up gold reserves held by central banks. Clinq.Gold’s mission is to provide financial inclusion and improve trade across the African continent, prioritizing economic stability and cross border trading.

The system addresses current challenges with fiat currency, including inflation, costly transactions, and a lack of financial inclusion by allowing integration with prevalent systems like USSD ensuring smooth transitions and user accessibility. The transparency of blockchain technology also helps to improve revenue collection for governments, making it an attractive option for both individuals and institutions. It is a proactive gold backed system that aligns with BRICS ready solution for financial innovation.

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