Your partner in secure identity management

CETIS, one of Europe’s leading security printing solutions companies, provides travel, identity and traffic documents (biometric passports, identity cards, visas, birth certificates, and other civil status certificates, driving licences, vehicle registrations and more) and comprehensive turnkey solutions for identity management and document issuance (central registers, data enrolment, ABIS, PKI, data managements, personalisation, document issuance), empowering customers around the world to improve their services.

With security printing documents and the most advanced complementary solutions, which we have developed themselves, we are a reliable strategic partner to customers around the world, committed to the highest international security and quality standards. The know-how of our experts is based on over 200 years of experience. We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to facilitate your work and save you time and money. We strive towards partnership which is based on cooperation in all phases of development, unconditional quality, and a proactive approach to your challenges.

  • Reliable strategic R&D partner with 200+ years of experience; 30+ years of expertise in security printing and 15+ years in identity management
  • Developed in Europe, trusted by governments and companies worldwide
  • 200+ references for products and solutions
  • Complete and customised solutions
  • In-house know-how
  • Flexibility and short lead times
  • Knowledge transfer, consultancy, support & training of local staff
  • Modular platform
  • Integration of solutions with existing systems
  • High quality
  • Committed to the most demanding international security and quality standards

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