Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

We are the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

We work with political leaders around the world to drive change. We help governments turn bold ideas into reality for their people.

We support leaders on strategy, policy and delivery, unlocking the power of technology across all three. Working shoulder to shoulder with political leaders and governments, our teams provide support at every step of the transformation journey.

Identifying successful strategies: We help identify the key challenges and opportunities countries face so leaders can set their priorities for change.

Developing effective policies: Together we develop radical-yet-practical policy solutions to answer those challenges and harness those opportunities.

Making it real with delivery: Then we go to work, bringing our practical expertise and network of partners to get things done. Working side by side with governments and leaders, we turn political vision into reality to create lasting impact.

Powered by technology: The greatest opportunity for governments today is the technological revolution. Across all our work, we help leaders unlock the power of technology to create real change for their people.

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