As a FrenchTech player with a resolutely international outlook, SELP is a high-security printer specializing in smart cards and associated programs’ management. We provide means of payment and identification solutions to banks and governments.

For its customers, SELP produces electronic cards in an ultra-high-security environment, but also develops customized systems and digital solutions. Our global offering includes enrollment solutions, database management, personalization services, card-to-recipient fulfillment and innovative developments such as mobile payment and digital-ID solutions.

Since its creation in 1956, SELP has built its reputation on the quality of its products and its ability to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Leading financial institutions, international organizations and governments choose SELP for its ability to adapt to customer needs. This agility is in the company’s DNA. Despite our strong growth, we have retained the spirit and flexibility of a medium-size company to provide a personalized service. This philosophy certainly explains our success in the field of national identity: SELP adapts to local conditions, integrates a wide variety of technologies and willingly works with local players.

Today, SELP employs 500 people and exports its products and solutions to 65 countries worldwide.

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