iiDENTIFii is an award-winning biometric face authentication and onboarding platform that seamlessly verifies the identity of a person in seconds with true proof of liveness detection. iiDENTIFii offers a frictionless and non-invasive automated process that meets customer intelligence, risk and compliance goals, as well as governance and legislative requirements. The technology plugs into existing infrastructures, including mobile and web-based platforms.As the digital identity solution of choice for enterprise-grade customers, iiDENTIFii is fit-for-purpose in e-government, banking, insurance, telecommunication, retail, e-commerce, health, and education industries. iiDENTIFii has received ongoing local and global recognition, most recently second place in the Visa Everywhere Initiative, winner of the KPMG Tech Innovator Africa 2022 Award; and winner in all five categories of the 2022 Technology Top 100.

Website – iidentifii.com