Digital Skills Foundation

Digital Skills Foundation is a French social enterprise focusing on digital literacy as essential building block for development. We partner with our clients to develop tailor made solutions. Every project and training area is different depending on our partners: Government, corporate, education, individuals, people at large. Digital skills at large has become just as important as reading and writing.  We believe in allowing everyone to Build these competencies to thrive today and tomorrow in this global digital world.

Our platform and courses are internationally accredited and/or endorsed & allow everyone to gain the necessary digital skills and competencies related to their specific environment.

Our programs are easy to access, fun to do, supportive, confidence building and accessible. Our Digital Competency Passports as well as our other training courses – Teachers getting Started, Teacher’s Wellness are aligned different international frameworks (Unesco, ITU, EU Dig. Comp) and focus on the increase of competencies for the workplace. Our courses evolve constantly to allow all to stay on track in this ever-changing environment.

We believe that no one should stay behind in these exciting but also changing times.

Join us.