Almawave S.p.A., an Almaviva Group company, is a leading Italian Artificial Intelligence and written and spoken natural language processing leader. Almawave leverages cutting-edge proprietary technologies and applied services to deliver upon the potential of AI as enterprises and the public sector evolve digitally. An international focus is provided by Almawave do Brasil, Almawave USA and PerVoice. The Group has dedicated technology laboratories and over 400 professionals with significant expertise of enabling technologies and the main frameworks – Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI Architecture and Integration – in addition to broad business process knowledge. Almawave’s technological asset base, conceived and built as a model of natural experience in the interaction between man and machine, can interpret text and voice in over 40 languages, interacting in multi-channel mode, analysing data and information with a view to knowledge development and automation. The company has a customer base of over 300, with thousands of final users of its platforms. Two new companies were added to the Group scope: The Data Appeal Company, operating with an AI-based product in the world of location intelligence for the Tourism, Fintech and Retail and SisTer, offering decision support system solutions, Geo spacial analytics and Big Data expertise in the Utilities and Government sectors.